As markers of our heritage, cemeteries serve as important sources of information for genealogists, historians and family members. Explore this section of the Langley Centennial Museum web-site to learn about the development of cemetery and monument design. Enjoy a virtual tour of the Township of Langley's two oldest cemeteries, Fort Langley Cemetery and Murrayville Cemetery, through an exploration of some of their most unique and beautiful grave markers. Don't forget to conduct your own research by accessing the database of over 10,000 records.

Searchable Database of Cemetery Records
Virtual Tour: Fort Langley Cemetery
Virtual Tour: Murrayville Cemetery
Cemetery Design
The Style of Monuments
Hudson's Bay Company Pioneer Cemetery
Other Burials

Fort Langley Cemetery Fort Langley Cemetery
Fort Langley Cemetery, photograph by Ron Bryson

Most of the information on Langley's Cemeteries has been generated by Warren F. Sommer. His research resulted in the publication Frail Memorials: The Cemeteries of Langley

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